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Welcome to L'Avenue at Saks, a distinctive dining destination located in the heart of NYC, on the ninth floor of the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue. Our restaurant, subtly influenced by its Parisian namesake, boasts a unique design by the renowned Philippe Starck, seamlessly integrating French culinary artistry with the vibrant essence of Thai and Southeast Asian flavors.

The Philippe Starck design brings an extraordinary ambiance to L'Avenue at Saks, blending Parisian elegance with a contemporary twist that resonates with New York’s dynamic energy. Starck’s signature style is evident in every detail—from the chic furnishings to the ambient lighting—and creates an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and inviting.

Our menu offers a harmonious fusion of classic French cuisine and the eclectic tastes of Southeast Asia, reflecting the global sophistication that Starck’s design embodies. This marriage of flavors is complemented by the restaurant's visually stunning environment; making dining at L'Avenue at Saks a multi-sensory experience.

At L'Avenue at Saks, every visit is a journey of culinary and aesthetic discovery. We invite you to indulge in a dining experience where the creativity of Philippe Starck’s vision and the diversity of our menu come together to create a unique and memorable atmosphere in the heart of Manhattan.

Where It All Started

L'Avenue Paris

L'Avenue, situated in the heart of Paris on the prestigious Avenue Montaigne, is a renowned French restaurant known for its luxurious ambiance and prime location amidst luxury shopping. This esteemed establishment is part of the notable Costes Group, co-owned by Alex Denis and Jean-Louis Costes. Costes Group is known for its portfolio of upscale restaurants in Paris, including the celebrated Hotel Costes.   

Under the culinary direction of Didier Coly, the corporate chef for the Costes group, guests can enjoy a dining experience that offers both culinary delights and a visual feast—reflective of Paris's reputation as a city of style and elegance.

L'Avenue has gained fame for its association with Paris Fashion Week, attracting a well-known clientele that includes celebrities, fashion icons and industry professionals. L'Avenue Paris offers not just a meal, but a journey into the heart of French culinary tradition, infused with modern flair and unparalleled service.

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